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Commercial Matting Products


Safety - Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits – over 8,000,000 in 2004. Lightweight rental mats are inefficient due to their poor absorbency, slip/trip hazards and cost associated with weekly cleanings. Our commercial mats are constructed of 52 oz. super berber, a polypropylene material with extreme water retention and a rubber back. Our matting holds up to a gallon of water per square yard!


Style - Our matting division can create, assemble and install mats of any size, color or corporate design. Our matting will improve the appearance and image of your building. The added benefit is our commercial entrance mats qualify for LEED points. 


Savings – Tracked in grit and water do tremendous damage to floors resulting in additional janitorial services. Up to 85% of dirt can be trapped within the first 15 feet of the entrance with our mats; thereby extending the life of the hard and soft surfaces and reducing janitorial costs. A quality mat is the lowest cost investment in protecting interior surfaces. 


PURCHASE or Try Our New LEASE to Own Option!


PURCHASE EXAMPLE from a local city hall:


Yearly Cost for Rental Mats                 $5,766.00

Purchase of Commercial Matting         $5,297.00


*Estimate life of the commercial mat is 4 years.



If the local city hall had opted to Lease to Own

instead of Purchase the mats……


Downpayment                                      $959.90

Monthly payments for 24 months           $240.25

Payout                                                 $1.00


YEAR ONE  $   469.00
YEAR TWO  $5,766.00
YEAR THREE $5,766.00
YEAR FOUR $5,766.00



*Does not include the cost of cleaning.



YEAR ONE  $1,923.10
YEAR TWO  $2,882.00
YEAR THREE $5,766.00
YEAR FOUR $5,766.00


*Does not include the cost of cleaning.


Our customers include: 
Wells Fargo Bank HDQ and Branch offices     
US Bank Plaza
Welsh Company Property Management
Cassidy Turley Property Management
Hines Management
General Mills
The Pillsbury Building                                       
Minneapolis Grain Exchange    
New Horizons Childcare
The University of Minnesota     
St. Anthony New Brighton Schools
Chisago Lakes School District